The movement of bus No. 8 on the route "Teke Bazaar - Cardiology Center" in Ashgabat has been changed

In order to meet the needs of the population in auto transportation, as well as to provide high-quality and cultural services for vehicles, the Ashgabat passenger motor transport enterprise of the “Turkmenawtoulaglary” agency is making changes to the movement of buses No. 8 running along the Teke Bazar - Cardiological Center in Ashgabat. 

After the change, buses No. 8 will move along the “Teke Bazar - Cardiological Center” route starting from the starting point “Teke Bazar”, then following the route on st. M. Kashgary - st. D. Azadi - A. Niyazov Avenue - st. S. Seidi - st. Tehran - st. Mollanepes - A. Niyazov Avenue - Garashsyzlyk Avenue - Archabil Avenue - Chandybil Avenue, reaching the Cardiological Center. On the way back, following the route Archabil Avenue - Garashsyzlyk Avenue - A. Niyazov Avenue - Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue - st. Galkynysh - st. A.Novayi - st. D.Azadi - st. A. Govshudova are returning to Teke Bazar.

Contact numbers: 44-33-90, 44-33-91