Production of new environmentally friendly gasoline started in Turkmenistan

Diversification by oil and gas producing countries of their economies through creation of the oil and gas and chemical industries is a worldwide trend. The sector has a high multiplicative effect, stimulates the development of industrial production in adjacent industries and promotes the creation of highly qualified jobs. Turkmenistan with world resources of hydrocarbons, pays great attention to the diversification of their exports not only in the form of raw materials, but also products of their processing. The state programs adopted in the country provide the gradual reorientation of the oil and gas sector from commodity orientation to the production of high-value-added and competitive products on the world market. In this direction, large-scale projects on the construction of gas-chemical complexes, training of specialists of the international level are being consistently implemented. "Turkmenistan: Golden Age" resource reports.

Over the last few years such large-scaled projects were implemented, as construction of new industrial complexes «Marykarbamid», «Garabogazkarbamid», polymer plant in Kiyanly, and gasoline production plant from ntural gas in Ahal velayat. All of these enterprises on deep processing of the hydrocarbon raw materials are equipped with the innovative technologies and are considered as the environment friendly industries. The implementation of such projects is aimed, first of all, at the production of the environment friendly production meeting the world standards. Thus, production of the unique industrial complex producing on an industrial scale the environment friendly synthetic gasoline from natural gas based on west technology of gas conversion to liquid hydrocarbons, has virtually perfect environmental characteristics - it contains neither sulfur compounds nor nitrogen-containing organic compounds that are harmful to the environment. Work is currently underway to prepare a second phase project of the plant, which will increase the export of environment friendly gasoline.

Expanding the sales markets of products of fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan in foreign states with the most stringent environmental requirements will also contribute to the production in the country of new А-98 grade gasoline, completely meeting quality requirements of EURO-6 standards and characterized by the greatest environmental purity. As it was stated in the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan held on 7 January, 2022, as a result of the examination in the international laboratory of «Saybolt» company, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Certificates of compliance with the environmental requirements of K5 and EURO-6 standards have been obtained. Work is currently underway to introduce by the Main State Service «Turkmenstandartlary» the A-98 gasoline brand as the new type of petroleum products to the state registry and the issuance of a certificate of conformity.