The President of Turkmenistan received the naval parade in the Caspian Sea

The President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the country Serdar Berdimuhamedov received the naval parade in the Caspian Sea by visiting the “Garshy” military unit of the Naval Forces located in the western region.

As announced the “Watan” news program, various types of ships, combat boats and boats of the Naval Forces, the State Border Service, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and National Security, which guard the security and integrity of the Motherland’s maritime borders, were presented at the military review. which is 600 kilometers.

The parade was opened by the “Arkadag” border patrol boat, which has proven itself in the protection of the maritime borders of Turkmenistan.

Behind it sailed the main strike forces of the Navy - the “Edermen” and “Gayratly” missile boats, equipped with the most modern weapons and designed to destroy enemy surface and low-flying air targets, disable the enemy landing group and ensure reliable protection of the state from the sea.

They were followed by the 60-meter tug and supply ship of the Naval Forces “Eserden”, which is used to supply fuel, drinking water, food and other means, equipment, and in rescue operations and providing assistance to the personnel of the crew of ships that have suffered disaster.

Patrol vessels of various classes continued the parade on the water. Among them are “Algyr” and “Hanjar”, border patrol boats “Asuda”, “Mergen”, “Hushgar” and “Synmaz” of the “Galkan” project, and “Nayza”, “Kamil”, “Galjan” and “Gaplan” of the “Sakchy” project, which are at the disposal of the State Border Service. These ships serve to conduct combat with enemy underwater, surface and air targets, and also to carry out search and rescue operations. Besides that, reliably guarding the maritime borders of Turkmenistan, they are used for reconnaissance and surveillance of ships.

During the parade, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country was also presented with the “Umman” hydrographic ship, which is designed to ensure the safety of ships in the Turkmen part of the Caspian Sea and carry out hydrographic and oceanographic work. Among its main functions are also bathymetric measurements in the sea, the study of the relief of the seabed, underwater video and photo recording, and the study of the composition of water.

Then proceeded the tugboats of the Naval Forces “Gujurly” and “Zarply” of the State Border Service, used for rescue operations at sea, extinguishing fires, transporting non-self-propelled vessels and supporting their maneuvers.

The cargo ship “Kuwwatly” of the State Border Service and the landing boat of the Navy “Berkarar” continued the parade, designed for the landing of special forces, troops and military equipment, and for their transportation.