A container train with newsprint sent from Russia to India will pass through the territory of Turkmenistan

A full container train with paper products went from Russia to India along the eastern branch of the “North-South” international corridor, reports “RZD Logistics”.

For the transportation of 53 40-foot containers with newsprint, 32 80-foot flatcars owned by the container operator “RZD Business Active” were provided.

The train will follow the eastern branch of the ITC “North-South” through the territory of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran to the port of Chennai in India.

“In the past year, we have worked hard to make transportation along the “North-South” corridor an affordable and efficient alternative for domestic shippers. The products of large industrial enterprises of the Leningrad Region are in demand in South and Southeast Asia, and, accordingly, our task is to offer exporters a working route and high-quality rail service in this direction”, said Sergey Levin, Deputy General Director for Commercial Activities of “RZD Logistics”.

According to Andrey Kochkin, Deputy Head of the International Transportation Department of “RZD Business Active”, JSC, negotiations are underway to increase shipments on the eastern route through Sarakhs to India and Iran within the framework of the project.

“This route option should become an opportunity to receive the necessary cargo in a guaranteed and timely manner in order to support the benchmarks set by the Russian government to more than double the carrying capacity of the North-South ITC”, “RZD Logistics” said in a statement.

Let us note that from January 1, 2023, Russian railways will have a 20% discount on export and import transportation of loaded containers through the Russian-Kazakh border stations when passing through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.