Turkmenistan will become a transit hub for Russian supplies to South Asia

Russia is stepping up its efforts to build ties with Turkmenistan, sending various high-level delegations and signing agreements on various fronts. Moscow is also trying to connect Ashgabat to its pipeline system as a transit hub for delivering gas to South Asia. However, as well as ordinary cargo. OilPrice writes about this.

Neighboring Tajikistan, not without prompting from the Russian Federation, is also trying to strengthen its ties with Turkmenistan, which is why its representatives invited President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to visit Dushanbe.

As a result, in January, the Russian government delegation returned to Moscow with eight signed intergovernmental agreements covering such areas as migration control, harmonization of customs administration and phytosanitary standards.

As observers write, Moscow's real goal is to reassure Ashgabat of its serious intentions to develop ties, especially in the commodity and energy sphere, with the help of these persistent proposals.

What Russia failed to do with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan may be possible with Turkmenistan. Given the precariousness of the new government, where the young president rules under the patronage of his father, the former head of state, Moscow's chances of succeeding are very high, Western experts of OilPrice summed up with undisguised annoyance.