Subaru introduced an innovative system for internal combustion engines

Subaru has received a patent protecting its innovative design for internal combustion engines. The new technology, called sub-chamber combustion, promises to improve efficiency and reduce emissions through a unique single spark plug and injector design. “Rambler” reports this.

A key benefit of the system is the optimization of cold starts, which is usually associated with increased fuel consumption. Subaru's design provides more efficient combustion initially, then switches to an alternate ignition mode as the engine warms up.

The innovation lies in the injection of air into the prechamber during compression. This creates an air barrier that prevents fuel from settling on the cylinder walls. To optimize ignition, additional fuel is injected, which promotes more complete combustion.

Once operating temperature is reached, additional fuel injection is no longer necessary, improving overall engine efficiency.

Subaru is considering applying this technology not only to its signature boxer gasoline engines, but also to other types of engines running on different types of fuel.