The first Exeed minivan has been declassified

Exeed is taking the wraps off its first-born in the minivan segment, the E08. One of its calling cards will be portal doors that open up access not only to the second, but also to the third row of seats.

The E08 will debut on April 25 at the Beijing Auto Show. In general, the design of the minivan is laconic, but generously flavored with bright accents. LED optics, made in L- and U-shaped motifs, are complemented by pixel panels, like those of Exlantix electric cars.

The impressive trapezoidal panel, which replaced the traditional radiator grille, is also expected to be illuminated. The rims are also unusual.

The E08 is a real giant, but only three rows of seats are visible in the cabin. The rear doors extend to the wheel arches and, most likely, will protrude beyond the dimensions of the minivan when opened. The trunk lid is divided into two sections that open up and down.

Exeed E08 is positioned as a concept that embodies the new style of the brand. It intertwined oriental motifs with Western aesthetics; specialists from European and Shanghai studios worked on its image.

In Beijing, the E08 will appear as a concept. However, serial production of the model, designed to consolidate Exeed’s position in a new segment for it, is just around the corner. reports this.