Transport infrastructure as an important development factor

In the north of the country, the volume of passenger and freight traffic increased significantly last year. So, compared to 2021, more than two million people were transported by various vehicles in the region, more than one million six hundred thousand tons of cargo.

Such figures convincingly testify to the presence in the Dashoguz velayat of an efficient transport system capable of providing fast, safe and convenient movement of goods and passengers. The velayat has a full-fledged road and transport infrastructure, it is connected with other regions of the country by air, rail and road.

It should be noted that over the years of independence of the country, the state, within the framework of various large-scale projects, has modernized various communications of the existing railway station and the air harbor located in the city of Dashoguz, which has now received the status of an international airport, a new large modern passenger car terminal has also been built in the administrative center.

Taking into account the level of motorization, the population's need for an accessible transport infrastructure, the growth rate and the rich potential of the regions, the advanced development of the road structure is consistently carried out here, which makes it possible to fully meet the needs of the economy and the population in transport services and the requirements for the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection.

A large part of passenger and freight traffic here is carried out by vehicles of the “Daşoguzawtoulag” Production Association, whose fleet of vehicles has been replenished in recent years with new, comfortable passenger buses and powerful trucks. The company provides services for the transportation of passengers both by intercity and intracity and suburban communications, transports a large amount of various cargoes.