Turkish Airlines strengthens travel conditions from Turkey to South American countries

Turkey's flag carrier Turkish Airlines, in addition to passport and visa requirements, is introducing additional conditions for passengers traveling to Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba and Brazil.

To enter Venezuela, you must provide an official, notarized invitation, a visa, as well as book and pay for a hotel room. In addition, it will not be possible to enter the country from Simon Bolivar Airport in Caracas.

According to government authorities, passengers traveling to Mexico must have an electronic entry visa, a hotel reservation (paid for and covering the trip), and a return ticket. Entry into the country is prohibited for passengers who have a long-term stay permit, but do not have luggage, documents suitable for the purpose of travel, or those traveling abroad for the first time.

As for Colombia, requirements include hotel reservations and round-trip tickets. It is clarified that the validity of the ticket must be within the visa period for countries that require a visa, and the transit time must be less than 24 hours.

Passengers without luggage and documents corresponding to the purpose of the trip will not be admitted.

Passengers flying to Panama on THY will need a visa, round trip ticket, transit, and hotel reservations. Please note that transit time should not exceed 12 hours. Persons who do not have luggage, documents suitable for the purpose of travel, and whose answers have not been satisfied by the Panama customs police will not be able to enter Panama.

Requirements for entry into Cuba include roundtrip and transit tickets and hotel reservations. Persons staying for an extended period of time who do not have luggage, appropriate travel documents, sufficient cash or the required bank card are prohibited from entering Cuba.

Expatriates arriving in Cuba for the first time and passengers traveling abroad for the first time are also prohibited from entering.

Travelers heading to Brazil must have round-trip tickets, transit tickets, and hotel reservations. The transfer time should be no more than 24 hours. Persons staying for a long period of time, but not having luggage, appropriate travel documents, as well as those traveling abroad for the first time will be denied entry into the country.