Tesla is faced with the problem of storing its electric vehicles in Europe and the USA

Due to the faster pace of production than delivery to customers, tens of thousands of cars have accumulated in the company's warehouses and parking lots.

In the first quarter of 2024, this problem became especially acute. Tesla produced 46 thousand more electric vehicles than it could deliver. As a result, factory parking lots and terminals are overcrowded.

To somehow solve the problem, Tesla is forced to store cars on the streets.

A striking example is the situation in the suburbs of St. Louis (USA). The company leased part of the parking lot of the large Chesterfield Mall to store electric vehicles.

A similar problem was encountered in Europe. Residents of the German town of Neuhardenberg watch in amazement as trucks deliver new electric cars to the local airport parking lot every day.

Despite the difficulties, Tesla is not going to reduce production volumes. Avtonovostidnya.ru reports this.